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Diskutiere im Jäger Forum über kleines Hunter FAQ. Q: What race is best for the hunter class? A: Currently the racial differences mean little to any of the classes in the long run. The racial abilities have some impact, but they're not game breaking. Pick a race that seems fun to you, and ...
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kleines Hunter FAQ

Q: What race is best for the hunter class?

A: Currently the racial differences mean little to any of the classes in the long run. The racial abilities have some impact, but they're not game breaking. Pick a race that seems fun to you, and who's racial abilities you like!

Q: When do I get my pet?

A: At level 10 your class trainer should give you a quest to earn your first pet.

Q: What is the best type of pet to tame?

A: Currently, there are very minor differences between the different pets. For example, cat pets have higher DPS and crab pets have more AC. Pick one that suits your personality and tastes!

Q: What kind of things can I tame?

A: You can only tame things tagged as Beasts, and not all beasts can be tamed. In general you can tame felines, wolves, hyenas, spiders, scorpids, bears, crabs, birds of prey, raptors, boars, flying snakes, apes, crocolisks, plainstriders and bats (all tagged as beasts) you may NOT tame dragonkin, humanoids, critters, elementals, giants, etc.

Q: My pet shrunk when I tamed it? Why does it do that?

A: Some animals later in the game are really, really big. In small areas, like dungeons, these large pets were getting in the way, so now all pets shrink down to a more manageable size when they're tamed.

Q: Are pets that start out at higher levels better then pets trained at lower levels and leveled up? What about Elite animals? Do they make better pets?

A: No, there is no difference between a pet trained at level 10
and leveled up to say, level 20 and one that was tamed at a higher level. Also, elite animals have the same stats as a normal animal of their type once they are made into your pet. (Note: there is some debate on this, if there is a difference between a higher level pet and one leveled up it's very small)

Q: How many pets can I have at a time?

A: You can have a maximum of 3, but 2 of them have to be kept in the stable.

Q: What happens to my pet when I die?

A: Your pet will vanish, you can bring it back by using Call Pet.

Q: What do I do when my pet dies?

A: Use the skill Revive Pet, learned from the hunter trainer

Q: Whats the little red box next to my pets name mean?

A: That box tells you how happy your pet is. The happier your pet is the more damage it does and the less likely it will be to run away. Also, happy pets gain loyalty, which helps them gain skill points early on. Make your pet happy by feeding it food it likes. There are 3 tiers of happiness, red (losing loyalty, 75% damage) yellow (gaining loyalty, 100% damage) and green (gaining loyalty, 125% damage)

Q: How do I teach my pet new skills?

A: Learn the Pet Training ability from your class trainer. Then go into your skill menu and select it, it will be under general. You'll see a list of skills you can teach your pet, and how much it costs for your pet to learn them. Use this to teach your pet new skills. Remember, not all pets can learn all skills. For example, wolves cannot learn how to claw someone.

Q: How do I learn new skills to teach my pet?

A: Put your current pet in a stable (by talking to a stable master in many towns). Go out and tame a new pet, of a different type. Once you have that pet tamed, check it's pet info, if it has a negative number of skill points it has a skill it can teach you. Fight with it for awhile and you'll see some yellow text in your chat window, telling you you've learned a new skill. Different animals can teach different skills. Growl, your basic pet skill, is purchased off of Pet Trainers in major cities.

Q: What are the different skills my pet can learn?

A: Right now there are 4 skills available to pets in game. Growl, Claw, Bite, Cower.

Q: My pet has the first rank of a skill, will it automatically learn new ranks of that skill as it levels up?

A: No, you have to go find an animal that will teach you the next rank of that skill in the same way you learned the first rank of it so you can teach the new rank to your pet.

Q: What are Talents? When do I get them? How many of them do I get?

A: Starting at level 10 you get 1 talent point every level. You'll earn a total of 51 talent points during your career as a hunter. You use talent points to gain new, special attacks, improve existing attacks, or make your pet tougher. When you hit level 10 check out your talent interface, which will be at the bottom of your screen near your character info and skill tab.

Q: What other weapons can I use as a hunter? Where can I learn weapons that I don't know how to use?

A: Hunters can use Polearms, 1 hand axes, 2 hand axes, 1 hand swords, 2 hand swords, daggers, staves, guns, bows and crossbows. There are weapon trainers in all of the capital cities (Ogrimir, Thunder Bluff, Undercity, Stormwind, Iron Forge and Darnassus) Each of the weapon masters can only teach you how to use a few weapons, so generally if you want to know all the weapons available to hunters you'll have to go to all of your factions starting cities to learn them.

Q: When can I learn Dual Weild? How does it work? Where do I learn it?

A: You can learn dual weild from your class trainer at level 20. You can dual weild any combination of 1 hand weapons, although some 1 hand weapons may only be equipped in your main hand, and will say so on the weapon description.

Note: If you tame a pet and it allready has a skill you know it will show up on the pets toolbar. For example, you know cower 3 and tame another mob that could have taught you cower 3 then cower 3 will show up on your pets toolbar automatically.

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AW: kleines Hunter FAQ

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Da kann ich noch folgenden Link anbieten (in Deutsch):

Jägerguide von Finsternisgilde
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wo ich grad nen kleinen hunter angefangen hab:

petskills wann, wo und von wem
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